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A Revolutionary Advancement in PEMF Therapy

PEMF Systems, Inc. has developed innovative Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (“PEMF”) therapy devices for nearly two decades.

PEMF Systems technology is unique. It incorporates both a high power and a low power PEMF therapy device running concurrently to provide a more effective treatment than any other PEMF device on the market.

PEMF therapy is effective, non-invasive, reduces pain and inflammation, and improves mobility.  PEMF therapy promotes cellular health and speeds recovery from injury, wounds and surgery.  PEMF therapy provides patients with faster rehabilitation.

More than 3,000 University level double blind studies have been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of PEMF therapy for the treatment of many different conditions.

With faster recovery and rehabilitation, PEMF therapy also improves the perception patients have of the quality of healthcare they receive.  PEMF therapy provides better healthcare at a reduced cost.

PEMF Systems, Inc. is a fully accredited medical device manufacturer with ISO 13485 Certification and all models are fully safety tested.

PEMF Systems, Inc. will sponsor clinical trials in your country to demonstrate effectiveness for a variety of conditions, improved healthcare, lower healthcare costs and to obtain governmental approvals.

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